If this walk could talk (2)

The ArtWalk continued. A 25-min bus ride then a 15-min taxi ride took me from the east of Hong Kong island to the very west, Sai Ying Pun. However, the gallery owner thought they were too far off the ArtWalk heat map that she decided to close the door before 9pm. I was lucky (out of misfortune) that I could briefly talk to her and understand the coming exhibition. I couldn’t call it a night (because I checked in 3 galleries only at FourSquare). After her apology, I set off by tram to Sheung Wan.

The scene was more vibrant here because some walkers indeed eyed at free vodka only and canapes were gone sooner.

I enjoyed stimulus to sight and mind more than to palate, so I am not going to tell you which gallery served the best beer. Rather, I would like to highlight an artist exhibited at The Cat Street Gallery. Her name was Melanie Comber.

Melanie Comber,  Outside In , 2011.

Melanie Comber, Outside In , 2011.

When I was looking through the window from outside, I couldn’t help squeezing through the crowd to take a closer took. For a moment, it gave me an impression of aerial photos. Were they taken by satellite? Where were they – trail, highway, valley, Moon or Mars? But I couldn’t tell. Then I really had to come even closer, a few inches’ distance, to observe the “palpable” texture on the canvas. Was it pigment or shadow? Was it illusion? How easily were my eyes tricked? I was seriously amazed!

As the statement suggests, “she explores the premise that reality can be modelled in ways which communicate spatial information effectively … and creating her own monuments to emotional experience.” The title “Tourist” not only represents the places Comber once saw but also relates these no-man-land to the audience, as a tourist. “Tourist.. a person who travels for pleasure.” If this is the case, “Traveller” would be a more appropriate title in my opinion because the emotion is more substantial than just “pleasure”.

Not long ago MOMA New York shared this link – NASA or MOMA?. Behind the answer, every image suggests the beauty of nature, both the earth and the universe, which is equally amazing and deserves our respects.


Visited on April 19, 2013 at The Cat Street Gallery, Central, Hong Kong


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