Another Traveller’s Series begins…

Prologue: I call this Another Traveller’s Series to pay tribute to Yeung Tin Shui’s latest and last column (旅人系列)on House News. I had shared this idea with him whom was writing his traveller’s series from Germany. When I planned for a similar series for my blogs on House News from August to October, it was June and he told me, “we will see.” I believed he just meant to comfort me to focus on my thesis writing at that moment. But one day you-know-what happened.

Twelve and a half months ago, I had a job that required me to be present in my cubicle at a specific time in the morning. I excelled at Excel more often than Words/words. Out of the blue, I have become a freelancer in various art projects but this life comes to a pause, as soon as tomorrow. I resume a life that needs me to work with a group of people for a designated organisation over a period of time. Most importantly, I got to set my alarm clock tonight, tomorrow night, and for the rest of the following 3 months (except day-offs).

Not only my lifestyle, but my physical location has changed. I relocate to a place that speaks my third language, that uses two flat pin plugs, where people use Line more than Whatsapp and WeChat and the government charges households for waste disposal. I hope my adaptability can hit two birds or the alarm clock with one stone.

I chose to live away from the city centre of Taipei – yet it’s eight stations away from where I go to work, and ten minutes’ walking distance from the nearest MRT station. This place has a historical name and my neighbour is a literary family. I may write more about them.

On the first night upon my arrival, I saw a garbage truck strolling and played a tune when it stopped. People then came out to throw their household waste into the truck. A second truck followed and people passed their recycled waste to the staff. I had heard about waste charging scheme was introduced to Taipei in 2000, but I didn’t care to know how it worked. But now I got to know. After watching “Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from above” the movie reveals important messages that I couldn’t choose to ignore anymore. Only two days and I am conscious about the stuff I bought/ brought home, and its potential of producing/ becoming a rubbish. I may share a bit more about this too.

I remember the inspiring conclusion from the Taiwanese movie: 我們只是短暫的停留,我們只是過客。No matter where I am, where my writing would be posted, I am just another traveller who keeps on blogging her transient thoughts upon experiencing art, environment and life. I hope you do too.



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