Week 4: It’s me-time me-day


Week 4, I have my eyes on two pieces only – my sister’s and my birthday, 22nd and 26th. Aquarians are famous for their free spirit/ notorious for self-centredness that they have a strong trait of independence. To the Wo’s sisters, we enjoy having some good time by ourselves, meaning alone. Since we’re on horoscope, let’s assume it’s fate that the artworks of these two dates reflect some parts of us.

On 26th, it’s a pastel painting by Edgar Degas, Woman Having Her Hair Combed. Degas was well represented by his paintings on ballerinas, on stage, during rehearsals or classes. Nudity was the next frequently seen subject in his collection. His artistic style was identified as Impressionist though some art historian argued that Degas was actually anti-impressionism. Well, it may sound ridiculous as if a pan-democratic politician acts like pro-establishment – but somehow it happens. This painting depicts a nude woman after bath, as seen in Degas’ other paintings, and having her red hair combed by a maid. The yellow daybed, the fluffy white towel and the body suggest a touch of softness and warmth. My imagination can’t hold but to put myself in the scene, except that I prefer some private time and short hair. I’m about to get myself a massage…

On 22nd, it’s an oil painting mixed with sand by another French artist, George Braque, who played a role in developing Cubism with Picasso. Braque presented on this painting the interior of his studio where the window was centred letting light to brighten the room.  Props of still life and painting tools collage a simple day of the painter’s life. It suggests a vacation along the coast of Mediterranean Sea – my sister stays in this single-room cottage, wakes up when the sun is warm. The plant is sucking up water and so it’s about time to go down for a breakfast. What a relaxing day!

Aquarian is said to be creative too, so let me indulge in my imagination, until my birthday wishes come true!








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