Week 7: Don’t lose hope on Valentine’s Day


The pick of Week 7 belongs to Venus and Adonis (c. 1560) by Titian on Valentine’s Day. Is it a curse for the chocolate-filled day? The naked Venus is reaching her arms around Adonis, begging him to stay. However, the determined man has already taken his hogs and weapon, farewell with his last glance, not kiss. Eros, the god of love, just watches and stays indifferent. It definitely spoils the Valentine’s Day!

The goddess couldn’t find any means to hold her lover; why on earth do mortals could possibly hold on to something which were not meant to be with us, for example, genuine universal suffrage? If the handsome Adonis were the genuine universal suffrage, he was disguised by NPC. However, many pro-China Eros match Venus, the Hong Kongers, with Adonis, as if he was the right guy for her. If you were Venus, if you believe the real Adonis still exists on earth, would you adopt the disguised now? Eros are so panic that they want Venus to “seize the opportunity” to get a man while Venus, no urge to love, would rather keep her virginity to the right Adonis. That’s why the naked Venus with bare hands, instead of sitting there begging, stand up to search for Adonis, the real one. It’s a venture, yes, especially the disguised Adonis and evil cupids are on the way. But let’s not forget where we come from – let’s paint a picture of Venus united with Adonis, Eros and disguised Adonis being detained and punished – a painting that should go into the history of Hong Kong.




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