Artist, Curator, Collector in 2 Centuries

Google Books Ngram Viewer is awesome!

It charts frequencies of any word or short sentence using yearly count of n-grams found in the sources printed between 1800 and 2012. (wikipedia)


Click here to see the frequency comparison of 3 words: artist, curator, collector for the period 1800-2008.

When dealing with interpreting data, one has to observe what speaks FOR oneself. For me, I would say “Good news, curator! You’re becoming trendy, outracing artist and collector who are in recession.”

Note on Jun 29: I should have included audience. Below picture shows that audience also has a slight downturn after 2000. Another interesting point to note is that audience has a stable trend of higher frequencies (or more attention) than artists only after mid 1930s. I’d better leave the explanation to art historians.




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